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New deposit options with KADO!

An intro to our new deposit partner

Beans App
Jan 26, 2024

A new partnership!

We are super excited to announce yet another partnership, this time with Kado! They will allow deposits through Debit, & creditcard,  ACH, and many more local bank options in the Beans app!

Beans app is steadily building up a network of deposit and withdrawal partners that improve currency choices, ease of use, and deposit and withdrawal options! Beans, a non-custodial wallet built on Stellar, will work with Kado to achieve a streamlined in-app experience to deposit to your Beans account!

New deposit options!

We are super excited to start this collaboration with Kado. With Kado as a partner, we are now able to offer new deposit options in many different countries! Deposit options vary from debit- and credit card deposits available in previously unsupported countries, as well as ACH bank transfers in the United States of America and PIX bank transfer support in Brazil! 

ACH deposits in the USA!

The services from Kado improve the available deposit options in Beans for almost all our users, as well as provide the option for US users to deposit through a bank transfer with ACH. This is especially exciting for our American friends, as this means it’s now fast and cheap to send from the USA to for example Argentina, Brazil, Europe or Nigeria via bank, or almost the whole world in cash. For example, when sending 100 USD to Brazil by bank, users end up with over 4% more compared to Wise at this time.*

To find a list of all supported countries and available deposit options please take a look at this list;

Low fees, better rates

Kado's strength is to provide a fast and easy deposit process, whilst also offering very competitive rates. Kado offers a competitive rate between the open market and their own offer, with only a small variable fee to process each transaction. This means that it's now even cheaper to send money internationally or on-ramp into crypto.

For the actual rates please visit the Beans app and choose deposit > USD > Bank transfer > Kado, or visit

In the end

We are super excited to have Kado on Beans and be able to offer our users so many new deposit options. Having Kado as a new partner will allow you to find the best rates against the cheapest fees, and promote a healthy form of competition between our partners. That will ultimately benefit our users with lower fees and better rates!

We hope that our users will start and take benefit from this new partnership, and we're excited to offer this service to users that weren't able to have these deposit options before!

* Rates at 31 january 2024