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Native Bitcoin Deposits to Beans are Live!

And use your BTC to send money around the world!

Beans App
Mar 6, 2024

Are you tired of the hassle of explaining Bitcoin to your friends every time you want to make a payment, only to find out they prefer fiat currency? Say goodbye to the inconvenience with Beans! Our non-custodial wallet is designed for those who are new to the world of crypto. Now, you can send BTC while your non-crypto friend receives their preferred currency – all with zero fees, starting with as little as 0.01 USD worth of BTC. It's the perfect solution for seamless transactions between crypto and fiat!

Fee-less BTC Transactions

Bitcoin has done great as a store of value, but casual payments are still hard because of the lack of interoperability, high fees, and slow transaction times. Whilst there are alternatives being worked on, it's still hard to convince your non-crypto friends to receive BTC.

This is what we have fixed with this update in the Beans App! Beans is a non-custodial wallet built for people who don't know anything about blockchain. In Beans, you can now deposit BTC and pay your friend who prefers fiat. The app automatically converts BTC to their preferred currency at zero fee, starting as low as 0.01 USD. Your friends can then re-send to someone else or withdraw to their bank or in cash.

The Power of Blockchain

Through Beans, anyone who receives money converted from BTC can withdraw seamlessly to their bank or in cash. Did they choose to receive in BTC as well? You can also withdraw your Bitcoin from the Beans app directly to your Bitcoin address!

Buy Cheap Bitcoin

Most direct Bitcoin buying and selling services charge large withdrawal and deposit fees when you want to buy BTC. Especially for small amounts, this can really limit your ability to buy and sell bitcoin profitably. With Beans, you can buy and sell your BTC against very low fees by first depositing EUR or USD to your account. Swap it for Bitcoin and receive the best rate available. This will save a lot of money when you want to buy or sell your $BTC!

Beans as a Layer-2

Bitcoin is a great way to store value away from any regulated currency. You are sure that a BTC is still a BTC in the future, which gives it a unique advantage over any of the other currencies out there. However, to achieve mass adoption Bitcoin still has a long way to go. Getting started with Blockchain is not very beginner-friendly, and the high fees you pay for making transactions disregard any real-world uses. By depositing BTC to Beans you can transact for free, and really put your Bitcoin to good use! No knowledge of the blockchain is required, and no fees to be paid. This is how we imagine Bitcoin will reach mass adoption!

Try it yourself by dowloading the beansapp at!