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Bulk payments with Beans!

An introduction to the platform that can send out thousands of transactions.

Beans App
Nov 1, 2023


International payments can be a labyrinth of high fees and slow transaction times, particularly when dealing with bulk payments. For businesses and humanitarian efforts, this is a challenge in need of a modern solution. Enter the Stellar Disbursement Platform (SDP); integrated seamlessly with Beans, poised to revolutionize how we send money across borders. With the Beans SDP it is now possible to send thousands of transactions at an instant across the world. Through the use of the Stellar ledger these transactions are settled almost instantly and working 24/7, the whole 365 days in a year! 

Payrolls, micro-payments, and humanitarian aid!

The power of Beans and SDP is in its simplicity. Before the SDP, there were no simple and easy-to-use solutions to send a multitude of transactions to different receivers and wallets. With the introduction of the SDP, You can send thousands of payments out in a single click. Whether it's payroll disbursements, micro-payments, or distributing aid, the platform’s design focuses on user-friendliness without sacrificing security or efficiency!

Accessible for everyone everywhere

The innovative use of dynamic linking within Beans means that recipients don’t need prior blockchain experience. The funds are accessible through a simple link sent via SMS or email, prompting the recipients to set up their free Beans account and claim their money. This seamless process invites inclusivity and ease-of-use, even when the recipients don't yet have a Beans account!

Instant Settlement

Stellar’s ledger technology allows for transactions that are not only settled almost instantly but also operate around the clock. This means your business transactions, or aid distributions, are not hindered by traditional banking hours, ensuring that your recipients receive funds promptly, any day of the year.

Versatile Withdrawal Options

Beans extends beyond blockchain, offering withdrawal in cash, bank transfers, or crypto, catering to the preferences of a global audience. With options available in over 180 countries, Beans is not just a service but a comprehensive financial tool that empowers its users.

Ready, set, go!

The developers from the Stellar foundations were so kind to provide a ready-made integration of the SDP, which allows you to get up and running within no-time! Their back-end and front-end integration are publicly available and allows anyone to participate. Just import the CSV with the receiver information and you are ready to go. Receive a plethora of analytics on your send transactions, and manage privacy and accounts settings through the interface.


Beans will be among one of the first supported wallets participating in the Stellar Disbursement Platform. With over 50 depositable currencies and deposit locations in over 180 countries Beans is a great option when it comes to sending bulk transactions. This is a great development towards a more integrated and accessible ecosystem, and we are proud to bring the users of Beans this new development at such an early stage! Do you need help with getting started on the SDP, or are wondering how Beans can help you? Shoot us an email!

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