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Beans Joins Hands with Stellar to Support Casa Tochan's Shelter!

A collaboration for a meaningful cause

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Dec 10, 2023

At Beans we always strive to make a positive impact on people's lives. That is why we're thrilled to announce our participation in an extraordinary initiative hosted by the Stellar Foundation and Friends With Benefits (FWB) initiative, aimed at supporting the Casa Tochan's migrant shelter.

This collaboration shows the potential of blockchain technology and the humanitarian spirit driving Stellar and the Stellar Disbursement Platform (SDP). Stellar and FWB are utilizing the capabilities of Beans to create meaningful change for Casa Tochan, a shelter that provides essential support and refuge to those facing hardship.

Channeling support for Casa Tochan

The Stellar Disbursement Platform, in partnership with FWB, is hosting an aid event leveraging the Beans wallet. Through this event, funds are being raised and disbursed directly to Casa Tochan's shelter. This is not just about financial aid; it's about providing safety, care, and, most importantly, love to those in need.

Casa Tochan serves as a sanctuary for individuals encountering various challenges, offering not just a safe space but also crucial resources. Through this collaborative effort, Beans is leveraged to contribute to this mission of compassion and support!

Making financial services accessible for all

At the core of the Beans ethos lies a commitment to making financial services universally accessible. Our platform offers a simple, user-friendly interface enabling users to access free payments and secure, high-yield savings options.

For Casa Tochan, Beans plays an even bigger pivotal role. It allows the shelter to receive funds instantly, without incurring any transaction fees and without the need for a traditional bank. This direct and cost-effective method ensures that every donation goes where it's needed the most – supporting the shelter's crucial operations.

A step towards global change

Providing the resources in this initiative fills us with gratitude, and being a part of this noble cause isn't just about financial transactions either; it's about being the catalysts for positive change and improving lives on a global scale.

We'd love to thank the Stellar Foundation, FWB, and every individual contributing to this humanitarian cause. Together, we're showcasing the incredible potential of technology as a force for good, creating meaningful impacts and hope for those who need it the most.