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Beans Newsletter | September

News, new updates, new app features, and more!

Beans App
Sep 15, 2023

What’s up!

Hi everyone💜, I am super excited to share this newsletter with you! Especially because we have hit some mayor milestones in the previous months, and we have lot of exciting news that we want to tell you! There are some amazing features coming that we are working on, which should get all Beans users pretty excited!

Dive into this newsletter to read about all the exciting developments coming!

Beans News!

We have greatly improved our marketing strategy and sources, which has allowed Beans to grow massively over the past month. We were able to double the amount of people using Beans in 3 consequtive months, and we are aiming to keep this streak going! We've seen videos go viral, which has boosted signups from all over the world!

New and coming app features!

New app UI

As you might have noticed we applied a major UI haulover to the Beans app. With the added support of multiple currencies and saving accounts the older UI was not suitable anymore, and an update was necesarry. The new overview screen allows you to more easily create and manage the difference currencies in the app, especially now that we have a new entry to the currency list!

Added Naira (NGN) bank deposits and withdrawals

We added a new contender to the currency list; the Nigerian Naira! Our african friends are now able to make NGN bank deposits and withdrawals with our new partner Link, who will distribute the NGN currency tokens to Beans users. We are super excited about these first steps towards a more financially free Africa, and we are working hard to get more african currencies supported in the app!

Added USD bank deposits and withdrawals

Great news! We have added USD bank deposits and withdrawals to the app! Kado will provide this service for all our American users and travelers, and with the same low fees like you've been grown to know us for, you should now be able to make direct USD bank deposits and withrawals!

Support page

We have heard your prayers, and we listened! We have launched a super helpful new page that contains almost anything you want and need to know about the Beans app. This help page contains very usefull information about our partners, us, and about the app. We created many guides that should help anyone get up to speed with step-by-step tutorials. Check out the website here;

In-app QR scanner

We added an in-app QR scanner to help you out when you want to pay a payment request! It wasnt always clear how you should scan a QR code created in the Beans app, so we helped you out by putting a scanner in the app. You can find it on the top right, next to your profile picture! Now you'll never have to struggle paying your requests anymore!

App improvements

We never stop building and imrpoving the app under the hood. We introduced many improvements, fixes and updates to the app which resulted in an even better and smoother user experience. One important update to mention is the fact that the deposit and withdrawal screen will now stay within the Beans app, instead of switching to an external browser. This should help with the overal experience and the speed of your deposits and withdrawals!

So, what’s next?

Many things are going on behind the scenes, and we will start pushing some of these new developments and features out soon! Be sure to check the app out to see what has changed. We are excited to see how many of you like the app, and we will continue to grow, innovate and integrate new features and use cases. We are already looking forward to sharing all the exciting news and features in the next newsletter. Keep on building! 🔥